Airbrush Bridal Makeup for Wedding

women applying makeup through airbrush

You must have heard about Airbrush makeup somewhere like in magazines, television etc. Today Many beauty product companies talk with pride that they give airbrushed finish into their products. But do you know what is airbrush makeup? It is a makeup technique which is done by a trained professional only. Makeup is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush gun, air compressor instead of being applied with brushes, sponges, and fingers. It is a good way of getting flawless, sheer, natural appearance on your skin. If applied properly it looks completely effortless and intensifies the natural beauty of the skin.

An airbrush system can be adjusted to suit every type of makeup application by changing the air pressure. This makeup technique gives the lighter look to your skin.

This makeup technique is famous for weddings, special events. It is broadly used by professionals for photo shoots and in filming industry as it looks terrific on camera.

Benefits of Airbrush makeup for wedding

Today bridal chooses airbrush makeup because if its long-wearing and flawless appearance. Silicon-based airbrush makeup is famous among the brides because it does not fade and long-lasting. A small amount of foundation which is silicone or water based is filled in the chamber of the airgun. The experts spray a very little amount on your skin and it connects with the skin as millions of droplets of formula. This creates a thin light look on your skin that is hardly noticeable to the wearer. With this machine, you can also do your eyebrows, eyeliner, and blush. It is a new technique of makeup you can manipulate your look according to your need to create special effects.

airbrush makeup machine

Techniques applied in Airbrush makeup

In this makeup, experts make use of a freehand technique to apply makeup while controlling aspects such as distance and air pressure to make certain effects and coverage. This makeup is applied by coating several passes of makeup. The makeup is sprayed onto the distance of 6-12 inches. In order to attain different levels of coverage and detail, the nozzle has to be changed between applications.

Airbrush makeup for Indian brides with oily skin

This makeup is the rescuer for the brides with oily skin as the silicon-based makeup stays all day long. It sets into the oily skin easily and gives the flawless and even looking face.

5 Best Airbrush makeup kit with their prices

1. Art Of Air Professional Makeup System

art of air professional makeup system

What’s Included

6 Bottles of Fair and Medium Foundation+Blush, Bronzer and Shimmer.

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2. Tickled Pink Air Brush Kit

Tickled Pink Airbrush Makeup System

What’s Included

31/2oz foundations+ Moisturizer and Waterproof sealant.

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3. Bellocio Professional Beauty Airbrush Makeup Kit

bellocio professional beauty airbrush makeup kit

What’s Included

4 Foundation Shades, Moisturizing Primer+ Blush, Shimmer and Bronzer set

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4. Temptu 2.0 Premium Airbrush Makeup Kit

temptu 2.0 premium airbrush makeup kit

What’s Included

Versatile Compressor (Up to 30 PSI) 12 Pack Foundation set, Silicon-Based Makeup

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5. Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit Personal Pro

dinair airbrush makeup personal pro kit

What’s Included

4 Foundation Shades and 5 Bonus colors+ 3ml Moisturizer

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