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women prepping her face

Who wouldn’t want a natural looking glowing face? If you want your everyday makeup looks organic, pure and natural. Then you have to find the right makeup techniques. The no-makeup look is an art and is trickier to achieve than it sounds! To create a natural, flawless and an effortless look, you need to know the tricks of makeup base. To acquire a natural glowing look you have to practice and master the art. For beginners, they can start with a very few tools, some practice and an ability to blend in makeup with your fingertips.

1. Prep Your Face

olay complete daily sefence all day moisturizer

The first step is to prepare your skin. Make sure your moisturizer your face with a good moisturizer(Olay Complete Daily Defence All Day Moisturizer with sunscreen(SPF30) This will give you a smooth base and will help your foundation blend well.

2. Applying  Foundation

maybelline dewy foundation and its different shades

Pick a lightweight foundation we recommend you (Maybelline fit me Dewy smooth) it comes in 12 shades that exactly matches your skin tone. Match the foundation shade on your jawline, not on your face. If you don’t get the foundation that matches your skin tone, then pick two shades and mix them together and apply. Mix it with a sponge or you can use your fingertips.

3. Time for Concealer

Bobbi brown Creamy concealer kitWomen showing the right way to apply Concealer

It’s time to conceal your scars, dark circles, spots and blemishes we recommend you (Bobbi brown creamy concealer kit.) Draw a V shape underneath your eyes like an inverted triangle. use your finger, pat into the skin to blend well. Remember blending is key!

4. Moving on to the Eyes


Rimmel london professional eyebrow pencillakme absolute gloss artist eyeliner

maybelline express volume express hyper curl mascara

It’s time to enhance your eyes. Eyes are the very important part. Doing this properly will add to your makeup. Start by mascara (Maybelline volume express hyper curl mascara)  Applying eyeliner doesn’t come easy for everyone. It can take a few attempts to get it right. Use a black eyeliner (Lakme absolute gloss artist eyeliner) Highlight your eyebrows with (Rimmel London professional eyebrow pencil)

5. Highlight your Cheeks


maybelline fit me blush

The best blush gives you the illumination of healthy glowing skin. So, it’s become very important to highlight your cheeks. You need to take your bone structure into consideration before applying it in the first place. Pick a shade that well suited your skin tone. We recommend Maybelline fit me blush.

6. Perfect your Pout

Best-Lakme matte Lipstick-Shades

Lipstick is a very important part of makeup. It highlights your makeup. Lakme matte lipstick gives the perfect picture lips. They are long lasting and designed to give an even luscious finish to your lips.


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